The Dark Side Of Angelina Jolie That Everyone Forgets About

Today, Angelina Jolie is an acclaimed actress, filmmaker, humanitarian, and mother to numerous adopted children. She’s a champion of women’s rights and an advocate for refugees, conservation, and education. Jolie is practically Hollywood royalty.

But before she was the regal entertainment queen that we know her to be, she was a parent’s worst nightmare. From a strained family relationship to vials of blood and thoughts of death, Angelina Jolie has always done things her own unique way in Hollywood. Read on to learn about the dark side of Angelina Jolie that everyone seems to have forgotten about, and what she’s like today behind closed doors.

Painful Toys In The Bedroom

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Harry Langdon/Getty Images
Harry Langdon/Getty Images

Particularly when she was younger, Jolie has been open about her preferences in the bedroom. In a revealing interview with Barbara Walters on ABC’s 20/20, she explained how knives were a part of one of her first sexual encounters.

Jolie was in her preteens and living with her mother when she “got out knives” and she and her partner “had a night where we attacked each other.” Jolie had to hide it from her mother and wear bandages underneath her clothes.