The Truth About Val Kilmer’s Journey From Next Big Thing To Hollywood Afterthought

Breaking out big with his role as “Iceman” in Top Gun, Val Kilmer had a meteoric rise in Hollywood that peaked with him donning the cape and cowl in Batman Forever. Just as quickly as he became the industry’s “next big action star” he fell into obscurity. The turn of the century for Kilmer was filled with ups and downs, and now we know exactly what happened to the former superstar. This is the truth about Val Kilmer’s life behind the scenes of Hollywood!

He Started Acting In High School

Val Kilmer promo shoot
TriStar/Getty Images
TriStar/Getty Images

Even though he wasn’t getting paid for it, Val Kilmer started his love affair with acting in high school. During that time, he was close friends with Kevin Spacey, another young actor who would turn into a major star.

Of course, neither could possibly know what their futures held. Spacey would go on to win on an Oscar before being forced to disappear from the spotlight. Kilmer would eventually choose to lead a more private life, hiding his secrets like the caped crusader he would become.