These Bizarre Celebrity Eating Habits Will Take Your Appetite And Throw It In The Garbage

Being a picky eater isn’t all that uncommon or unusual. We all have our own special habits that make us unique. Maybe we can only eat chips with dip, or maybe we eat all the red Skittles first. Celebrities are no different.

Some of their preferences have been well documented in pop culture, like how much Elvis Presley loved his peanut butter, but others are just downright bizarre. Prepare your palate to be destroyed, and your celebrity crushes to evaporated after reading this article.

The Eggo King

Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post via Getty Images
Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Athletes are known for their superstitions and routines. Sometimes it’s about showering seven times before a game (Bryce Harper literally does this), but other times it’s about eating Eggo waffles.

Yes, Bryce Harper has given all of his success to eating Eggo waffles before every game and now is the time for all non-athletes to rejoice. Imagine being such a good athlete that eating waffles before every game didn’t make you feel like a fat lard.