Things You Didn’t Know About Alan Rickman That Will Make You Admire and Miss Him Even More

Before passing away in 2016, Alan Rickman left his mark on the movie industry, touching the hearts of fans worldwide. He began his acting career later in life but became a major star, playing plenty of timeless characters that will always be remembered. Although he starred in numerous roles, he was best known for his ability to play the perfect villain with his baritone voice and chilling stare. Off the set, however, he was far from anything close to the malicious characters he played. Take a closer look into Rickman’s life and learn some lesser-known facts about the admired actor.

He Knew The Ending Of Harry Potter Before Anyone Else

He Knew The Ending
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

If you’ve seen or read Harry Potter, you know the depth and importance of Severus Snape’s role in the story. In order to play the role correctly, author J.K. Rowling told Alan Rickman Severus Snape’s true character. This wasn’t later in the series either, J.K. Rowling told Rickman where the story was going before she herself had even written it down.

Rickman then used his knowledge to help guide the directors telling them “I know something you don’t.” Amazingly, he managed to keep the secrets for all of those years, making Snape one of the most dynamic characters.