Then And Now: What Happened To The Waltons Cast?

The Waltons ran from 1972 until 1981, creating a decade worth of memories for families all over the country. Created by Earl Hamner Jr., the show was based on his book Spencer’s Mountain. The show’s protagonist, John-Boy helped the audience learn valuable life lessons that are still relevant today. So now, take a trip down memory lane with these facts about The Waltons, and find out what the actors behind the roles are up to today!

Eric Scott – Ben Walton

ben walton the waltons

Ben Walton had one of the more interesting character arcs on The Waltons. He always seemed to get caught up in trouble at the most inconvenient times, seemingly falling for every get-rich-quick scheme that came his way.

Ben always needed his dad and brother to help bail him out. He was played by Eric Scott, who made his acting debut in the show. But would he stick to acting after the show ended?