Being A Kid Is So Much More Fun When You’re Actually An Adult

Do you remember the first time you watched Peter Pan as a child? The idea of never growing up was so enticing. You looked at your parents and saw boring people who had to go to work and pay bills. Growing up seemed like the worst possible thing.

And yes, some people will grow up to be boring adults, but most of us have learned how to embrace our childish side. Plus, now that we have money, it’s way easier to have fun. Just think: now you can afford all those Nerf guns you wanted as a kid, but you have better aim.

90 Years To Catch ‘Em All

Photo credit: Imgur
Photo credit: Imgur

People think that anyone above the age of 35 knows nothing about Pokémon.But all the millennials who grew up with it had parents who had to buy all the cards, play with their kids, and watch the TV show while cooking dinner.

This man is probably a better Pokémon expert than any of his kids.