Simple Storage Hacks To Declutter The Mess That Is Your Life

Between work, family, and other responsibilities, it’s easy to let your home become a cluttered mess. If you’re tired of the mess and want to live life clutter-free, then try the simple storage hacks in this slideshow. We think the storage hack for purses is nothing short of brilliant and bet you will, too.

Utilize Your Space

To stop wrapping paper from piling up and falling all over the place, try running two pieces of wire at the top of your closet. Not only are you using a space that virtually gets used for nothing, you also keep the wrapping paper out of sight and out of mind.

Clever Remote Control Storage

If you’re tired of your video game or TV controllers being left all over the place (and inevitably getting lost), then you’ll love this simple hack. Simply place velcro strips on the controllers and cabinets to easily hang them up when you’re done using them.

Better Bathroom Organization

Toothbrushes strewn all over the countertops not only make your bathroom look disorganized, it also looks gross. Grab a utensil organizer from the dollar store and stick it in a drawer to organize your toothbrushes and floss. Keep reading for a tip to store your winter hats and mittens.

Tidy Up Laundry Time

Nothing screams “cluttered” quite like laundry baskets full of clothes waiting to be folded lying around everywhere. This simple hack of utilizing shelves and a slab of countertop works two-fold: first, it provides ample storage for your laundry baskets and second it works as a space for folding clothes.

A Workshop Win

This storage hack is awesome because not only does it keep your power tools and chargers in one place, but it also provides storage to keep drill bits and other things that get lost easily all in one place. You only need to repurpose an old shelf to get this storage unit.

Cutest Hat Storage Ever

If you’re sick of your kids always misplacing their hats and gloves, then this easy hack should not only nip that in the bud, but it’ll reduce clutter as well. You’ll only need a few nails, string, and clothespins to pull this off. In a slide coming up, find out how to better organize your ties and belts.

Shoe Organizer For The Win

Using an over-the-door shoe organizer is also a great way to reduce clutter. This picture shows it being used for mittens and hats, but it also works for storing crafts, baby products, toys, and more. You can also grab one of these for a buck at any dollar store.

Tidy Up Those Purses, Ladies

Do you find your clutches strewn everywhere? If so, then grab a file organizer and stick a clutch in each slot. Not only will this storage hack keep things tidy, it’ll keep your husbands and boyfriends from griping about your purse situation as much. If the pantry is your biggest problem area, read on for a life-changing tip!

Now A Tip For The Men

It’s easy for ties and belts to get strewn all over the place, too, and thanks to this simple hack, it’s now easier than ever to keep them organized. Grab a pack of shower curtain rings and attach them to your clothes rack and then slip the belts and ties over the ring. In a slide coming up, find a great way to store makeup products.

How To Store Larger Handbags

We’ve covered how to store smaller clutches to reduce clutter, and now here is a way to store larger handbags. For this one, you’ll need S-shaped shower rings. After hooking the rings over the closet rack, slide the handle over the open end. This also works well for scarves.

Tidy Up That Desk

It can be incredibly difficult for some people to work when their desks are cluttered. Utilizing a spice rack as a place to store office items such as paperclips and thumbtacks can reduce that clutter. Set aside one jar to keep small snacks in for a total win.

Reclaim Your Bathroom Counter

If you’re one of those women who has dozens of eyeshadows, lip glosses, mascaras, etc., then you’ll be relieved to find this great, yet simple, storage rack. Pull this off by repurposing an old picture frame and putting velcro strips on the back of your containers. We’ve got another storage hack coming up to organize your makeup brushes.

Put Your Old Mason Jars To Good Use

This storage hack is meant for a workshop, but it can also be used in the kitchen. Attach mason jar lids underneath a cabinet and fill each jar with screws, bolts, etc. and screw the jar into place. Try painting the mason jar lids a different color to match your decor.

Look Ma, More Drawer Space!

If never being able to close your clothes drawer frustrates you to no end, then this hack is for you. All you’ve gotta do to achieve that beautiful drawer to the right is to fold your shirts more neatly and place them up instead of laying them flat. This neatens things up plus gives you extra space.

Brush It Off

Doing makeup is time-consuming enough without having to search for the right brush. For better storage and organization, grab a wire rack, a few cups or small baskets, and place your brushes in them by size — now you’re clutter-free. If you’re tired of losing track of important manuals, you’ll love the slide coming up.

No More Whining About Clutter

Not only can you declutter with this hack, you also do it in the cutest way possible. Place some cups on an extra wine rack and fill it with your pens, markers, and other office/craft supplies. Everything is more organized, plus it’s easier to see what you have available.

Everything In One Place

This easy hack for storing your manuals will declutter your drawers and countertops. Use a three-ring binder with tabs to organize manuals for everything from electronics to kids’ toys. Now you’ll have everything on-hand and won’t have to search for instructions the next time you need them.

The Hat Trick

Not only does this simple hack store hats in a way that keeps things free of clutter, it also makes it easier to see what you have so you can easily pick out the right hat for any occasion. Use a towel bar and shower curtain rings to pull off this hack.

Plus One For Muffin Tins

The last hack in our slideshow that will declutter your life is this neat way to store your kids’ craft supplies. You’ll only need a muffin tin and some clear plastic cups for this one. Place the cups in the tin and fill them with everything your kids use during craft-time.

Backpack Organization

One way to make sure that your kid isn’t coming home from school and trashing their room in five seconds is to provide them with low hooks on the walls of their room. This way, they can hang their backpack, sweatshirt, or whatever else you might not appreciate being on the floor.

Backpack Organization

That Pantry Is On Point

It’s easy for your pantry to become a total mess really fast, but that no longer has to be the case for you. Place a few wire baskets in your pantry and stack up the cans so that you can a) see the label and b) they roll forward when you take out one.

Hang Items Together!

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to look at a well-organized closet with items hung together but it makes your life easier! Now, you will know exactly where to find a pair of shorts, shirt, hat, whatever it is that you’re looking for! Say goodbye to digging around for clothes!


Think About What You Actually Wear

One of the key aspects of organization is to make sure that you don’t have a whole lot of clutter. So, if you’re planning on tidying up your closet, it would behoove you to look once a year and see what you truly don’t wear. If you can part with something get rid of it by donating.

What You Actually Wear

Keep Your Vanity looking Nice

Sometimes you don’t even need to buy supplies in order to get organized. One of the best examples is for makeup. You can utilized unused mini loaf pans and other containers to store your jewelry in. This way, nothing gets lost or damaged and your significant other will thank you for it.

Vanity Looking Nice

Cookie Jars Are Your Friend

More often than not, people use cookie jars for more things than actually putting cookies in. That’s because they’re perfect for storing things! While it’s up to you what you want to fill with it, one great idea is to put all those nail polish bottles into it so you know where they are at all times.

Cookie Jar

Put Those Old Glasses Cases To Good Use

The majority of people have old glasses cases lying around. Whether they’re for an unused pair of reading glasses or used to hold the sunglasses that you broke, don’t throw them away! They can be great for holding small and even fragile items while keeping everything contained. You’ll be amazed how versatile they are.

Sunglasses Case

The Perfect Way To Organize Your Makeup Brushes

This one goes out to all the coffee lovers out there. If you only have a few go-to makeup brushes, this one is right up your alley. Simply find either a large candle holder or flower base and fill it halfway up with coffee beans. Then, stick your brushes in brush-side-up and you’re ready to go!

Coffee Beans

Tools Be Gone!

If you’re someone that has a lot of tools or spends a lot of time in the garage, you desperately need a pegboard. Not only are they extremely cheap and easy to install, but all you need are also some hooks! Not only is everything out of the way but you can see where it all is too!


Buckets Have Multiple Uses!

The great thing about using buckets for organization is that you can stuff a lot into them and they’re effective and still look good! If you get a few of them, then you can organize according to what each bucket is for whether it’s car washing,arts and crafts, you name it!

Buckets On Hooks

Vacuum Sealed Bags Work Wonders

Some of the hardest things to organize are things such as winter clothes, linens, towels, anything that is soft and takes up a lot of room essentially. Well, if you use vacuum sealed bags that will never be a problem again. They decrease the size of bulky items by half and can be a total lifesaver.

Vacuum Sealed

Making The Most of Your Space

If you don’t have the room for a bookshelf or not enough surfaces to hold your family photos we have an idea for you. If you have a small closet in your house you can install shelves and a glass panel so you can put books family photos, whatever. Not only is a space-saver but it looks great too!

Glass Closet

Have Easy Access To Your Scarves!

Scarves can be tricky to organize without getting them all tangled up. Also, nobody wants to waste precious drawer space for something their scarves. So, a quick and easy solution is to use a tension rod in your close where you can hang your scarves. They’ll be easy to grab and easy to hang up!


The Old Soda Tab Trick

Looking to get the most bang for your buck with the space in your closet? No you can using a simple soda tab by placing it on the hook of one wire hangar and then hanging another hangar on it. This way, it’s like hanging up two articles of clothing using the space of one hangar!

Soda Tab

No More Wet Shoes In On The Floor!

It’s a fact of life, when you walk through the door with wet shoes, the water is going to end up on the floor. Even if you take them off and leave them by the floor there will still be water. So, all you need is a baking sheet and some rocks and your problems are solved!

Wet Shoes

Don’t Let Those Boots Lose Their Form!

If you’re tired of having your boots lose their shape and taking up space flopping around everywhere the ultimate solution is pool noodles. That’s right, pool noodles! Simply cut them to height and shove them right in your boots. They’ll keep their shape while also having space if they’re all standing up straight.

Pool Noodles

No More Looking For That Other Shoe

You can pull of this little hack just using excess wire hangars that might be lying around. Simply bend them into shape so that they can hold your shoes and you’re done! This is great for shoes that maybe you don’t wear everyday and you’ll always know where they are.

Wire Hangar Shoes

Know Whose Is Whose

There’s nothing worse than not being able to find your charger and not knowing which one is rightfully yours. With this hack, even if someone steals your charger, you’ll be able to distinguish it right. All you need is a little washi tape and your problem is solved! Don’t forget to get creative with it!

Washi Tape

You Can Even Keep The Cabinet Under The Sink Clean

For most people, the cabinet under the sink is where most cleaning supplies is kept. However, it usually turns into a giant mess over time. Next thing you know, you’re on your hands and knees looking for the Windex. Use a tension rod to hang up all your cleaning bottles and be amazed how much less intimidating cleaning can be!

Under The Sink

Make Grocery Shopping A Breeze!

We all know that the worse part about grocery shopping is unloading everything when you get home. Well, a simple laundry basket can make this whole process a lot easier. Using the basket, you can fit multiple grocery bags into it so you don’t have to make all those trips back and forth from your car to the house.

Laundry Basket Grocery Shopping

Store Your Knives In Style

It’s no secret that counter space is crucial, especially if you like to cook. So sometimes, having a big wooden block that takes up a lot of space can be a nuisance. So, try the more sleek and effective option which is to hang your knives on a magnetic strip. Just make sure it’s high enough if you have kids!

Magnetic Knives