These Savage Notes Prove That Parents Are The Real MVPs

Our parents can’t always be by our sides, telling us what to do and how to do it, guiding us through this complex maze called life— that’s why they write notes. Notes are there when parents can’t be. They communicate what’s on their mind.

A well-written note can change the world— or at least, it can change how the people who read the note behave. Keep reading for some of the most creative and to-the-point notes parents have ever written. Find out the right way to make ice cubes, and the wrong way to dispose of a dead chicken…

Will Do Chores For Wifi


Photo Credit: Imgur

This clever parent changes his household’s wifi password every day. They only tell their kids the password after they’ve completed all of their chores.

Sounds like an awesome parenting tactic to me. Soon the kids are going to get smart though, and they’re going to change the password before their parent can get to it.

A Very Happy Birthday To You


Photo Credit: Imgur

Poor McKenna, first her mother gives her a name like McKenna (no offense every other McKenna in the world) and then she tells her to shovel snow on her birthday, and then she peaces out to Madison.

Savage, mom. Real savage. A “have a great day” would have been nice.

Does Your Love Taste Like Cheeze-Its?


Photo Credit: Imgur

Thanks for the love, mom, but a napkin in a plastic bag isn’t going to fill my stomach with snacks. You know what will fill my stomach with snacks? Actual edible food.

How about we supplement some of that love with pretzels or even a sandwich?

Thanks For The Info, Mum


Photo Credit: Imgur

This note is a work of art. It is so beautifully written that I could weep. I love that she omitted the possessive pronoun before “bum.” It doesn’t matter whose bum, just bum in the general sense.

All bums are created equal. Also, the rhyme with “bum” and “mum” is just delightful.

She Brought You Into This World And She Can Take You Out Of It


Photo Credit: Imgur

How would you feel if you spent an hour and a half cleaning a kitchen only to have a bunch of hooligan children undo all of your hard work? Not very good, I bet.

The little heart at the bottom is a nice touch. She might cut you, but she’ll always love you.

“I Will Punch You In The Throat”


Photo Credit: Imgur

I bet you thought the kids in the last post had it rough. This mom needed two pieces of paper to get her message across.

It does look like this note is mostly aimed at Kevin. Molly’s name seems to be somewhat of an afterthought. I guess we know who the real messy one is around this house.

Dad Vs. Mom


Photo Credit: Imgur

One thing is for sure, both mom and dad love their exclamation marks. If exclamation marks were a form of viable currency, Eric would be rolling in it.

Mom and dad seem to disagree about what kind of trouble their son could get into while they’re away— or maybe mom just doesn’t want to think about it.

The Least Absorbant Napkin Ever


Photo Credit: Imgur

Does she expect her son to wipe his face with a piece of paper? Because that may qualify as cruelty to children. If the note wasn’t so cute, I might have reported her myself.

A piece of paper is not a napkin. It just spreads the dirt around.

Thou Shall Not Waste Food


Photo Credit: Imgur

I hope it’s not a tuna sandwich. If you don’t put lettuce in between the tuna and the bread, that sandwich is going to get soggy real fast.

Honestly, kid, if it’s gross I would just give it to one of your friends who will eat anything, and tell your dad that you ate it.

Time To Take Some Responsibility


Photo Credit: Imgur

Moms don’t exist to clean up your messes. Please act like a human being and clean up after yourself when you make a mess.

Also, don’t complain about having to clean up for yourself. That’s what people do, not just moms. Keep reading for a mom who is about to venture into dangerous territory.

The Most Savage Mom Around


Photo Credit: Imgur

I really hope that these people live somewhere warm. I would hate to have to sleep outside on a cold night— but I guess that’s what happens when you’re not home when you’re supposed to be home.

Next time this guy probably won’t stay out so late.

Mom Is Cold As Ice


Photo Credit: Imgur

So I think we’ve established that kids are pretty dumb. But are they too dumb to know how to make ice? Apparently, they are.

It’s a recipe with one ingredient and what is pretty much one step, which is not a recipe at all, by a lot of people’s standards.

She Ventured Into The Great Unkown


Photo Credit: Imgur

This is the most accurate note I have ever read. I don’t know if a prayer is going to help her, but it’s definitely worth a try.

She left at 8:43, so if she’s not back in an hour, that’s when it’s time to panic. Keep reading for a mom who is too tired for your shenanigans.

Gotta Get That Vitamin A


Photo Credit: Imgur

I don’t know what kind of school this mom thinks her kid goes to, but nobody in their right mind would take that trade.

What kid is going to give up a precious Twinkie for a small handful of baby carrots? The note should say, “eat these and also don’t steal a Twinkie.”

I Think She Means Business


Photo Credit: Imgur

Modern moms know that kids will do anything for internet access. If you hold the wifi password, you hold the key to unlock their productivity.

The Liam Neeson quote adds a little extra oomph. This is an A+ note. Bravo, mom. This is how you put 100% effort into parenting.

Let Sleeping Babies Lie


Photo Credit: Imgur

Every person with a new baby should take a cue from this mom and post threatening notes on their front door.

Sometimes you just need a piece of paper and a few colored markers to really drive the message home. Read on for a mom who is just looking out for her daughter’s best interest.

She Was Watching Her Parents’ Farm For The Weekend…


Photo Credit: flowofprovidence / Reddit

I wonder how many times this girl’s mom has just chucked a dead chicken across the street. Is there a pile of dead chickens over there? I’m pretty sure those “do not toss chicken carcass” rules exist for a reason— but thanks for the heads up, mom.

I guess now we know why the chicken crossed the road…

I Wish I Could Hear That Firey Sermon


Photo Credit: Imgur

I especially love that she wrote this note on “Hangover Part III” stationary. I think this is my new favorite note. It’s attached to a twenty dollar bill, it’s cute, and it promises an intriguing sermon.

Alex is a lucky guy to have such a cool mom.

Just Looking Out For Your Future


Photo Credit: Imgur

If you need your mom to remind you to take birth control, maybe you should take a step back and examine your choices— just a thought.

Hopefully, this is just a case of an overprotective, overbearing mother, and not of an irresponsible teenager. Somehow I doubt that, though.

Tiffany Is Going To Be A Great Mom One Day


Photo Credit: Imgur

Tiffany has got this note writing thing all figured out. She’s basically a passive aggressive parent in training.

I can’t wait for her future kids to be on the receiving end of her outstanding note writing abilities. Also, Tiffany’s sibling, please feed your fish. Don’t feed him to the cat.

They Grow Up So Fast

dryer fire.JPG

Photo Credit: Imgur

Ah, dryer lint. They grow up so fast and before you know, they’re full-blown balls of debris ready to start fires of their own.

This is one way to get your kids to take a hint and clean the lint filter.

Well, This Won’t End Well

we need to talk.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

I’m feeling secondhand anxiety just looking at this photo. Judging by how this mom delivered her message, she is strategic and cold-hearted in how she hands down punishment.

I see a bleak future for this kid. Up next: the dad who just wants his kid to eat their lunch.


funny parent note 1.JPG

Photo Credit: Imgur

Remember the note from the dad that said he would keep sending the same sandwich until his kid ate it? Well, he strikes again.

Judging by this note, it appears his son or daughter is still averse to his lunch packing choices. I wonder how many dad facts it will take until his kid actually eats their lunch.

This Gives Me Nightmares

funny parent note 3.jpg

Photo Credit: RaptorCat1 / Reddit

This is a truly cursed image for lots of reason. The thought of accidentally brushing your teeth with Vagisil is gross enough.

The fact that this note was left by a dad is even worse.

This Note Doubles As a User Manual


Photo Credit: Ludmila Petrova / Pinterest

Sometimes notes from mom and dad double as a user manual. In this case, mom and dad really want their kids to step up and start helping around the house, but don’t want them to destroy anyone’s clothes.

In these kid’s defense, doing your own laundry can be challenging. There are like 50 different settings that all seem to do the same thing.

I’m Watching You

funny parent note 6.jpg

Photo Credit: Sanjica Ninkovic / Pinterest

This mom is clearly trying to her hardest to get her kids to put their dirty clothes in the hamper. She even thinks adding a menacing face will help her cause.

While she’s trying to make it sound like she means business, this mom is probably a softy at heart who had to try extra hard to keep herself from adding “I love you” to the bottom.

This Mom Is Smart

mom phone cake.JPG

Photo Credit: OldPeopleFacebook / Reddit

This mom is smart. She knows you won’t forget your phone, but you will forget that cake she spent four hours making.

This note is short and foolproof. At least, we hope.

Mom Has Had It With Your Bathroom Usage


Photo Credit: Imgur

This mom knows exactly what her son has been up to in the bathroom. We may have bleeped out what it was, but you know it wasn’t showering that this guy was doing in there.

Needless to say, this mom is tired of having crusty towels in her bathroom and is about to take some drastic measures to stop it.

Mom Knows You Ain’t Slick


Photo Credit: Imgur

This is why you just don’t let your parents do your laundry. This person may have put the clothes in the wash themselves, but Mom took it upon herself to fold them. That’s when she found a certain surprise in the pocket.

She handled it with perfect sarcasm and if anything, she’s more concerned about where you put her clear tape!

Mom And Dad Know What You’re Up To, Joshua


Photo Credit: Imgur

Looks like Joshua is having a little too much fun after hours. If anything, he should perhaps lock his doors if he’s going to sneak around his parents.

It’s surprising that he got away with sneaking more than one girl into his room in the first place, which is probably why his parents don’t seem that mad. They just want him to stay safe out there.

These Parents Left Very Specific Instructions


Photo Credit: queen_of_the_koopas/Reddit

This mom and dad cannot be bothered in the morning. They probably had this morning planned for weeks. Finally, they will have a morning where they can sleep in, which they probably haven’t done since their kids were born.

If you have any questions, please refer to the note.

Some Sound Advice From Dad


Photo Credit:

There are some spoiled kids about there who get upset when their parents use their things without asking and Oliver is probably one of those kids, which is why his dad left him this note.

Apparently, Oliver’s dad is a true homie. He’s just looking out for his son, who might want to be careful about what he’s looking at online.

Don’t Be Mistaken



A lot of times we’re touched when our parents leave us kind notes with our lunches, but this mom wants to make it clear that she doesn’t care.

She just wants to remind you to pick up some napkins on the way home. Have fun wiping up your banana mouth with this heartless piece of paper.

Mother Knows Best


Photo Credit:

This mother knew that her child would be upset to find their secret chocolate stash eaten up. But she only did it because she care’s about her child’s health.

At least she was being honest about what she thought. We can’t say that the conversation that happened after this was found was a good one.

Don’t Be Alarmed!


Photo Credit: Imgur

Imagine waking up home alone only to find a strange man with a machete roaming around the outside of your house. That’s exactly what Dave was about to wake up to.

Luckily, his parents thought ahead and figured that Dave would be alarmed. But don’t worry, it’s just Steve.

A Subtle Hint


Photo Credit: Imgur

It can be pretty annoying for families that have someone who uses the cars without filling them up. Sure, they may get away with it at first but eventually, the rest of the family catches on.

That’s why Sarah got this note from her mother about their car Diesel, which takes diesel fuel if you must know.

Dad Thinks You Need To Work On Your Humor


Photo Credit: foldparty/Reddit

This person left Reddit open on their computer and their dad caught a glimpse of it. Dad was a little concerned about what he read on there and felt the need to reach out to his child about this.

But at least this dad left a note instead of having this conversation in person.

Dad’s Dramatic Note


Photo Credit: ChalkyWhite23/Reddit

This person says they purchased a hatchet but didn’t put it away when they got home. The next morning, they found their hatchet with this friendly note.

This was definitely a convoluted way to let someone know not to leave their stuff lying around the house. But at least Mr. Schmidt knows a thing or two about hospitality.

When You Have Boys Who Don’t Listen


Photo Credit: Imgur

This person shared this note that their dad wrote to their brothers. It seems that no matter how many times Dad tells them not to use a certain socket, they still do it.

Maybe a note will help them remember what they shouldn’t be doing! Dad is tired of hearing you say “sorry.”

A Strong Dose Of Reality


Photo Credit: Reddit

This dad left a kind note in his child’s lunch. We bet that when this kid opened his lunch he wasn’t expecting this existential lecture from his father.

Maybe his father was feeling emotional that morning. Or perhaps he was just trying to be real with his kid before someone else was.