Discontinued Food Items We Miss The Most In 2020

With all of the food choices available these days, you never know when your favorite item is going to get booted from the grocery shelf or the restaurant menu. From the adored McGriddle to Costco’s famous half-sheet cakes, discontinued foods can put a damper on your cravings. And brands like Joe Joes release special seasonal items, giving you just enough time to fall for the flavor before they take it away again. Others, like Doritos, tried a variation for years before pulling out the rug from under us. Read on for more discontinued items that fans are still petitioning to bring back.

McDonald’s Nixed Their McGriddle For COVID-19

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the world in various ways, including the discontinuation of the beloved McGriddle. The breakfast sandwich isn’t the only thing Mickey D’s is dropping from their menu.

To keep their employees spaced out, McDonald’s decided to streamline their operations by removing all salads, bagels, croissants, danishes, and their Big Breakfast. We’re hoping these items will be back someday. For now, you may want to verify their menu before heading out to McDonald’s for breakfast.