Inexpensive Hacks To Transform Unsightly Parts Of Your Home

Since many of us spend a ton of time at home, there’s bound to be eyesores that we can’t stand. Maybe your kitchen appliances are dated or you feel like your fuse box is way too apparent. Perhaps it’s the wires that are poking out everywhere or the scratched up floor or furniture. Whatever the case, there’s bound to be a less expensive alternative than doing a renovation. From granite-looking paint to bathtub enhancement kits, you’ll be amazed at what inexpensive products can do to transform your home.

Transform Your Kitchen With Stainless Steel Contact Paper

Naomi Hébert/Unsplash
Naomi Hébert/Unsplash

These days, there are few classier appliances than stainless steel ones. They’re easy to clean and look modern and sleek. Unfortunately, they’re also costly and it’s not worth replacing a perfectly working household appliance.

That’s what makes stainless steel contact paper so incredible. For less than $15, you can order a roll of self-adhesive material that looks like stainless steel! Cut it to match your appliance dimensions and no one will be able to tell the difference!