Quarantine Spring Cleaning: Tips To Keep Your Home Healthy And Sanitized

Now that many people are socially isolated, they have plenty of downtime at home. It’s the perfect time for spring cleaning. “Folks are already at home and have time … two of the biggest excuses for not organizing have just been removed,” says professional organizer Andrew Mellen.

Some people have been focusing on cleaning to remove germs during the pandemic. During quarantine, consider which areas are the most affected and what to do if you run out of disinfectants. If you need any help, keep reading these spring cleaning tips.

Take Advantage Of The Extra Time

A man looks out the window.

If there’s one silver lining to quarantine, it’s extra time. “This really is kind of a rare and unique opportunity to really take your time with things and spread it out,” says Melissa Maker, the founder of Clean My Space. So, grasp at the opportunity!

If you’re working from home, your schedule is more flexible. You can take a break in the middle of the day to clean the bathroom, sweep the porch, or wipe down the microwave. It could even clear your mind enough to return to work.