Simply Sensational Marvel Tattoos

Marvel comics have some of the most beloved superheroes ever to exist. From Spider-Man to Wolverine, it’s hard to name heroes from other franchises who receive more love (maybe Batman and Superman). People love these fictional characters so much; they want to look at them for the rest of their lives. Getting a tattoo of Ironman doesn’t sound like a bad idea, as long as it gets done correctly. Take a moment and see some of the most fabulous Marvel tattoos ever to exist.

Hulk Smash!

hulk smash arm
Christopher Weeks/Pinterest
Christopher Weeks/Pinterest

The Hulk is one Marvel character you don’t want to get angry. If you do, then consider yourself toast because he’ll transform and start smashing everything in his vicinity with unbelievable power.

This tattoo conceptualizes the transformation that the green guy goes through to become The Hulk. If you’re a fan of Marvel, then you know that he gradually changes colors before completely turning green, so its cool to see that concept come to life here.