Would You Get A Tattoo Of Your Pet? These People Did!

Pets really are part of the family. If you have a pet, you know how attached you can get to your little furry, scaly, or slippery friend. Some people become so attached to their pets, that they want to bring their pets with them wherever they go. Of course, not all establishments allow pets. That’s where pet tattoos come in. If you have a portrait of your pet tattooed on your body, you really can take your pet with you everywhere.

See some of the most realistic, innovative, and interesting pet tattoos on the internet. Did you know that Miley Cyrus got a tattoo of her dearly departed pufferfish?

A Tattoo Fit For A King

king chihuahua tattoo
Photo Credit: @tattooe.ink / Instagram
Photo Credit: @tattooe.ink / Instagram

This little Chihuahua certainly looks regal, but he can’t go around wearing a crown in real life. Not all the time at least. That’s where creative license comes in. A pet portrait tattoo is nice, but a stylized, totally innovative pet tattoo is even nicer.

The crown over the dog’s head in the tattoo is reminiscent of Basquiat’s work. The watercolor technique is also street art inspired. There’s a lot going on in this piece and we love all of it.