Toto’s “Africa” Is Now Playing On An Endless Loop In The Namib Desert

Toto's "Africa" Is Now Playing On An Endless Loop In The Namib Desert

We’re not sure when or why it happened, but in recent years, the song “Africa” by the 80s rock group Toto has had an impressive reprisal.  You could even argue that it’s one of the Internets favorite songs. While the song reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 upon its release in 1981, after its moment in the limelight, it seemed to fade away like most other one-hit wonders. Nevertheless, it’s back now in full force and is currently playing on an endless loop in you guessed it, the Namib Desert in Africa. Titled “Africa Forever,” it is an art installation and the brainchild of German artist Max Siedentopf.

The installation is made up of a circle of six speakers each on top of their own individual platform. In the middle of all the speakers is another taller platform which elevates an MP3 player with “Africa” being the only song on the device. But how will the song play for eternity you may ask? All of the devices are run by solar energy which will keep them running day and night, filling the desert with the sweet sounds gifted to us by Toto back in 1981. The exact location of the installation remains unknown with the Namib being the oldest and one of the biggest deserts in the world. Yet, Siedentopf claims that “only the most loyal of Toto fans can find [it].”

Image Credit: maxiedentopf / instagram