Creative Food Packaging Designed To Make Your Life That Much Easier

Food packaging is one of those things you probably only notice when you’re struggling to get it open. But some packages are so creative that even hungry consumers stop to admire the design. Struggling to dip your fries while driving? There’s a carton with a sauce compartment for that. Need a spoon for your yogurt? There’s a lid that conveniently folds into a spoon. Need a light for your cake candles? There’s a cutter featuring built-in matches. These brilliant packages make eating even more convenient than you ever thought possible.

This Parmesan “Pencil” Easily Produces Shavings


There’s nothing like fresh parmesan, but cutting the hard cheese can be a nuisance. That’s why this company created parmesan “pencils” that you can put into a sharpener to produce shavings!

The package comes with a pencil sharpener that fits the parmesan “pencils” just right and is designated for the cheese. Sharpen them directly over your salads or pasta and watch the delicious shavings fall right into your dish! It may seem counterintuitive at first, but the convenience and taste are sure to make you a believer.