A Realtor Duo Couldn’t Believe What Was Inside Their 96-Year-Old Client’s Home

Someone who has lived nearly a century is bound to have a few secrets in their closet. When 96-year-old Joyce called a sister real estate duo, she immediately intrigued them. Joyce wouldn’t say what was making her so unsure about selling the house, but she knew the realtors would understand as soon as they saw it. They suspected she may be apprehensive about a leaky roof or some other mishap, but then they arrived and both their jaws dropped.

The Same Residents Had Lived There For Decades


The house at 148 Jane Street in Toronto, Ontario was about as average as it gets. Lined up next to similar-looking houses, it didn’t stand out. Furthermore, the same people had lived there for longer than anyone else in the neighborhood.

The house wouldn’t have garnered much interest if it weren’t for an atypical call two real estate agents received pertaining to the home. Suddenly, the agents found themselves interested in what lied within this unremarkable seeming house.