Uncover Your True Character: Are You the Main Character, Sidekick, Antagonist, Or Love Interest?

Jennifer Lawrence looking disturbed as Katniss Everdean in The Hunger Games Catching Fire
Lionsgate Entertainment via MovieStillsDb
Lionsgate Entertainment via MovieStillsDb

When people see someone acting selfishly to the point of absurdity, it’s not uncommon to ask whether that person thinks they’re the “main character” in life. But while there are certainly stories where the main character is unlikable, there’s a world of difference between thinking you’re the main character and actually exhibiting the appropriate traits.

And those traits are what we’re more interested in today. Are you living out your hero’s journey, your villain’s origin story, or something else entirely? Find out what role you’re taking on in your own life story and get this answer once and for all.

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