Heavy-Weighted Facts About My 600-Lb Life‘s Dr. Now

For many viewers, the entire point of watching My 600-lb Life is to see what Dr. Nowzaradan, aka Dr. Now, does to help the participants. But what do we actually know about the guy in the lab coat?

From being sued by a former patient to educating his clients on the importance of mental health, here are some little-known and heavy-weighted facts about Dr. Now.

Bedside Manner Isn’t His Forte

TLC/My 600-lb Life
TLC/My 600-lb Life

When it comes to speaking to patients, most doctors have a friendly bedside manner, letting their clients know everything is going to be okay and explaining the next steps. Well, the same can’t be said about Dr. Now.

He’s actually known for having a horrible bedside manner, sometimes criticizing, yelling, and telling his patients that they don’t need food because they’re already vastly overweight. He takes the hard truth to a whole new level.