Films That Flopped When They Were First Released

Whenever a good movie is released, it’s hard to understand why they fail right at the start. Whatever the reason it may be, several financial and critical failures have endured the test of time to become cult classics down the road. But depending on the genre, plot, or the cast members, some movies are just ahead of their time.

This is why it’s good to look back and see which movies became celebrated classics. It’s hard to believe that some of the most iconic films didn’t land immediate success.

Death To Smoochy Was A Miss For Critics And Audiences

Warner Bros./MovieStillsDb
Warner Bros./MovieStillsDb

The Danny DeVito dark comedy starred Robin Williams, Edward Norton, and Catherine Keener. The plot focused around a children’s television show and the world of kids entertainment, but with a dark twist. Considering DeVito’s film was on a $50 million budget, it lost out on the box office with only $8.3 million.

As time went on, a small following of fans accumulated for Death To Smoochy, especially after Williams’ death in 2014.