‘Hocus Pocus’ Is Getting A Sequel From Disney+

Just in time for Halloween comes an announcement that Hocus Pocus is finally getting a sequel. The cult classic film about three witchy sisters from Salem originally came out in 1993 and many fans have been begging for a sequel for years.

Insiders tell Entertainment Tonight that planning for the film is just underway. Collider also reports that producer, writer, and actress Jen D’Angelo will write the script for the movie.

The film starred Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy as 17th-century witches who come back to life in modern-day Salem, Massachusetts. Back in 2017, Kenny Ortega, the movie’s director, said he was interested in seeing a follow-up with the original cast.

“I would like to see a sequel, and I think that the fans would like to see a sequel,” Ortega told ET. “They’re all still vital and in their prime and capable of doing so much that it would be great to see Bette and Kathy and Sarah come back together to do another movie and I think they would like to.”

Hopefully, they get moving on this movie quickly to have it out by next year! How can we go another Halloween season without a new Hocus Pocus movie?