Watch Out, Thanos! These Marvel Superheroes Would Be Capable Of Defeating The Mad Titan

With over 100 villains in the Marvel universe, the superheroes have a lot on their plate. Saving the world isn’t an easy task, but heroes like Iron Man, Thor, and the X-Men make it look like a breeze. When the entire universe is in trouble, however, the job gets a little bit tougher. Not all Marvel supervillains can pose a threat to entire galaxies, but there are a few that can. Of them, Thanos is undoubtedly one. Some protagonists aren’t fit to take on the Mad Titan, but there are a few that we think could finish him…


Marvel Entertainment
Marvel Entertainment

Member of the otherworldly and virtually immortal Asgardian race, mastery over the elements of thunder and lightning, and resistance to injury are only a few perks that come with Thor. If you watched Avengers: Infinity War, you witnessed how close Thor was to defeating Thanos once and for all.

In the comic books, the mighty warrior uses his hammer to beat Thanos to death along with the help of the Avengers. If there is anyone who can topple the purple giant, it’s this guy right here.