These Movie Aliens Are Gorgeous Without Their Costumes

Since the dawn of sci-fi movies, Hollywood has transformed actors into fantastic and terrifying aliens. In the early days, artists created costumes; now, it’s CGI. Both are so effective that most people don’t know what the real actor looks like.

These actors deserve praise as well, and many of them are fascinating even out of costume. Meet two iconic “aliens” who stand over seven feet tall, and the actor who looked so different on set that even his agent didn’t recognize him. Look at these famous aliens out of costume–they’re out of this world!

His Blood Doesn’t Look Acidic

Bolaji Badejo in and next to his Alien costume.

In 1979, Bolaji Badejo was scouted for his first and only role: the extraterrestrial from Alien. According to Vanity Fair, producers found the Nigerian actor in a London pub. He stands at 6’10”, and had the “thin, insect-like profile” that Ridley Scott wanted for the alien. In the suit, he stood at seven feet tall.

Badejo likened the headpiece to being struck with a giant banana. He had to wear the suit in 15-minute increments to avoid overheating. On top of that, his suit was covered in cellulose slime that zapped his body heat.