Movies With Plot Holes That Are Too Big To Ignore

One of the many factors that make a film script good is how clear and well-thought-out it is. If a movie tries to do too much all at once, not only can it confuse the audience, but it also opens up the potential for plot holes. This can turn what could have been an otherwise decent film into a seemingly lazy piece of cinema. Although some filmmakers are lucky and the plot hole goes over the audience’s heads, others aren’t so fortunate. These are some of the movies with plot holes that simply can’t be ignored.

Signs Shows That The Aliens Weren’t Smart…At All

Cast of Signs
Touchstone Pictures
Touchstone Pictures

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, 2002’s Signs follows a former Episcopal priest and his family who discover crop signs in their fields, only to realize that aliens are invading the Earth. In the climax of the film, it’s revealed that the aliens’ biggest weakness is water.

Not only was this hinted at tirelessly throughout the film, but leaves one big question. If the aliens are smart enough to travel to Earth, how did they not know their own weakness, and why would they travel to a planet covered in 71% percent water?