The Cast Of The Beloved ’80s Movie The Goonies, Then And Now

In 1985, The Goonies hit the silver screen, leaving more than one kid wanting to go on a treasure hunt with Mikey, throw quips with Mouth, make inventions with Data, and dance the “truffle shuffle” with Chunk.

But where did the crew of misfits go after they found One-Eyed Willy’s treasure and beat the Fratellis? While some of them became major blockbuster actors, others decided to go to law school. But wherever they are now, one thing is for certain — Goonies never say die!

Then: Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

When it comes to the main child cast members of The Goonies, Josh Brolin was one of the oldest. In the adventure film, he played Brandon (Brand), Mikey’s older brother and the guy who wants nothing more than for everyone to turn around and go back home, so they don’t all get grounded.

Interestingly, Brolin didn’t stick with film. At least, not right away. After portraying Brand, Brolin hopped over to the stage for a bit, particularly in Rochester, New York. Although, from 1989-1992, he did play the role of “Wild Bill” Hickok in the ABC series The Young Riders.