Behind The Scenes Of The History Channel

It might come as a surprise to you, but there was a time when the History Channel was actually known for showing real history. You know, like, past events that actually happened in real life? Well, those days are quickly out the door, and the History Channel has sort of become a petri-dish of reality shows that have nothing to do with history, and fake documentaries that get debunked in less than a half hour (this is true, it’s in the article).

The switch from historical facts to wonky reality shows about swamp people has a lot to do with ratings. The History Channel is getting great ratings because the shows they’re airing are entertaining to a wide audience that couldn’t care less about history. However, there have been a lot of secrets the History Channel has had to keep, or at least try to hide from their viewers and this article is going to help you uncover what it’s truly about.

‘The Kennedys’ Was Too Controversial For TV

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Central Press/Getty Images
Central Press/Getty Images

It’s not a far cry to think that a TV mini-series based on John F Kennedy’s life would be a huge hit. But, when the History Channel announced it would be adding The Kennedys to their programming, it backfired completely.

Parts of the script were leaked to the press and Kennedy allies were screaming that the content was just a bunch of smearing and lies. The $30 million mini-series was a scripted, eight-part show that was going to get into the life of JFK and lean hard into some of the more tawdry rumors about his family and friends.