These Musicians Sure Know How To Slap The Bass

Every member of a band has a role to play that makes the group sound like one fluid system. Whether its the drums keeping the beat, the singer belting out lyrics, or the guitarist playing the melody, every piece is crucial. One of these necessary elements is the bass. Either electric or acoustic, the bass helps the song sound full-bodied and can either make or break a track. Unfortunately, not all bass players are as recognized as they should be, and can be overshadowed by other instruments. To remind listeners of the importance of the bass in music here’s a list of some of the greatest bass players around.

Cliff Burton Played The Bass For His Brother

Cliff Burton was the bass player for the heavy metal band Metallica from 1982 until his death in 1986. As a young teenager, Burton’s brother passed away, and he vowed to become “The best bassists for [his] brother.”

Cliff Burton
Ross Marino/Getty Images
Ross Marino/Getty Images

He would then practice over six hours a day, even after he had joined Metallica. While his years in Metallica were limited, he had a huge impact on the genre, even after his death. This led to Rolling Stone naming him No.9 on their list of the greatest bass players of all time.