These People And Movies Don’t Deserve Their Oscar Wins And Need To Give Them Back ASAP

The mission statement of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is “to recognize and uphold excellence in the motion picture arts and sciences, inspire imagination, and connect the world through the medium of motion pictures.”

That sounds like a bulletproof goal, but, unfortunately, they get it wrong quite often. Every year it seems the Academy rewards mediocrity, and sometimes you wonder what movie they watched, because their thought process appears to make absolutely no sense. Here are some of the worst Oscar winners of all time.

Elizabeth Taylor

Archive Photos/Getty Images
Archive Photos/Getty Images

This might be the only time in history that an actress bashed the film she ended up winning an Oscar for. Elizabeth Taylor called Butterfield 8 “a piece of obscenity” and only made the film to fulfill her contract with MGM.

I guess when you’re good, you’re good. When she was nominated, she said she had no desire to see it. She came away with the Best Actress Award which may have had less to do with her performance in the movie and more to do with the fact she almost died from pneumonia earlier that year.