Say Goodbye: These Titles Are Leaving Netflix In November 2020

Anyone who’s subscribed to Netflix should know that titles come and go on the streaming platform. It’s that time of the month again where some fan-favorite movies and television shows have to leave Netflix in order to make room for some new ones.

Titles such as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Magic Mike, and Sleepless in Seattle will no longer be available to stream after November 2020. So, get ready to binge-watch all of these popular films and shows before they disappear (or get moved to another streaming service).

Charlotte’s Web Is A Quaint Live-Action Family Film

dakota fanning washing a pig in a sink in charlotte's web
Paramount Pictures/MovieStillsDB
Paramount Pictures/MovieStillsDB

Based on the novel by E.B. White, the 2006 version of Charlotte’s Web is a live-action children’s film about a young girl who takes care of a baby pig. As Wilbur the pig matures, he meets a spider named Charlotte who spins webs that convince the town that Wilbur is something special.

Charlotte’s Web featured an all-star cast including Dakota Fanning, Beau Bridges, Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, and more. Critics praised the film for managing to stay true to the book and Fanning’s “delightfully spunky” performance. The movie will be leaving Netflix on November 1.