Toxic On-Screen Relationships That Give Audiences A Twisted Sense Of What Love Is

Television and film have provided audiences with some incredible on-screen relationships throughout the years. Nevertheless, unfortunately, many of these relationships give people a false sense of what it means to be in love. And although they may seem incredibly romantic and something fans wish that they had for themselves, many of these relationships are not only unrealistic but completely toxic. So, take a look to see which ones are the worst in both film and television, but be warned, some of these might break your heart.

Olivia And Fitz From Scandal

Picture of the couple

In Scandal, Olivia Pope is a crisis manager working in Washington DC, and Fitzgerald Grant is the President of the United States who are involved in an affair together.

While Olivia is trying to break off the affair, Fitz ensures that she can’t, and on top of that, he’s jealous, spiteful, and rude to her. Furthermore, he constantly has her under a microscope. So, essentially, they didn’t belong with each other in the slightest, and it probably didn’t help that Fitzgerald was the President of the United States.