These Awkward Moments Put The “Cringe” In “Cringeworthy”

We’ve all had our fair share of awkward moments that, hopefully, we can look back and laugh at. Some awkward scenarios are easy to handle lightheartedly, like mistaking a gallon of Elmer’s glue for a carton of milk. Others can put a temporary damper on your day, like posing for a photograph only to get drenched by an unexpected wave of water. Then there are the moments that leave you speechless, like forgetting to roll your car window up and finding it full of snow the next morning. Read on to see these and more incredibly awkward moments captured on camera.

Mary Poppins Lost Her Umbrella


The last time we saw an umbrella this high in the sky, Mary Poppins was riding down on it. It must have been one windy day for the entire top of the umbrella to pop off and fly clear across a building.

The umbrella head somehow turned upside down, making it easier for the air to carry it further away. The poor umbrella owner is watching helplessly as the umbrella top floats away. They’re even holding out the stick of the umbrella, as though to call it to come back.