Hilarious Photos of Surprising Food Fails Nobody Saw Coming

Imagine picking up your favorite fruit, frozen snack, or pre-packaged meal only to get home, open up the item, and then realize it’s not what you paid for. You might be mad at first but then you realize the surprising food fail you just purchased offers the perfect opportunity to share your unintentional and hilarious food fail on social media.

These buyers were sometimes tricked by smart packaging but most of the time their food fail was an unintentional mistake caused by mother nature or a messed up packaging process. Whatever the case might be, you’ll laugh at the cheeseburger fail and scratch your head over the Cheetos cheese block fail.

Avocad NO You Didn’t

Avacado Food Fail
MrBizarre / Imgur
MrBizarre / Imgur

When you buy an avocado you expect most of this delicious food to be edible. This poor soul was just looking to snack down on a delicious healthy snack, instead, they were met with a giant seed.

The nice part about this awesome treat is that it’s super inexpensive so heading back to the store is the only real hassle. We’d still make a tablespoon of guacamole with this surprising food fail. Any guacamole is better than no guacamole at all.