These Hilarious Pictures Show What Parenting Is Really Like

Parenting isn’t always easy. Sometimes, no matter how much we love them, our kids find ways to make us question life itself. Whether it’s the classic joining us in the bathroom or something far worse like bringing a live horse into the bedroom, the things kids do often lead to more questions than answers. Does Johnny really need to color your laptop red and blue? These hilarious photos sum up what parenting can really be like, and the struggle is real.

Just One Bite

strawberries in carton with bites taken out

All this mom or dad wanted was a delicious bite of fresh strawberries when they came across this travesty. Their child beat them to it, and methodically took one bite out of every strawberry in the container.

That’s the thing about kids, though. They always just want one bite. Why eat the whole fruit when you can move onto the next totally unblemished piece? Thankfully, this is a habit your little ones will eventually grow out of!