Hilariously Mean Farewell Cakes You Won’t Believe

Leaving a job isn’t always the most fun thing to do. When the split is mutual, things are beautiful, but when the employee decides to go, things can get ugly. Employers and co-workers can get petty when someone chooses to leave, and these messages on cakes are proof. You never know who someone really is until you don’t have to see them five days a week anymore and they tell you that no one will miss you. While they’re (usually) joking, these messages are pretty mean as well. Here are the most hilariously mean farewell cakes ever.

What’s Your Name, Doc?

Diana Figueroa/Pinterest
Diana Figueroa/Pinterest

Getting creative with a harsh farewell makes it a bit better. The more extras you add to it, the more satisfying it becomes, and this Bugs Bunny cake does the job well.

When you purposefully let someone know you don’t remember their name after knowing them for an extended period, it hurts. That’s where the meanness comes into play here. Bugs lightens the hit some, but we’re sure this person felt every ounce of the intended spite.