People Who Won’t Be Stopped From Living Their Truth

It’s way easier to conform to the societal norms pre-set for you than to actually live your own truth. With most people just trying to fit into the crowd instead of standing out, it’s refreshing to see the odd person still attempting to live their best life.

The people in this article are the few who have sifted through all of the expectations put on them by their peers and decided to do their own thing. It’s absolutely incredible to observe, so enjoy.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

When you become a dad, you immediately get drawn to yard work. The length of the grass becomes an obsession you never thought you would have.

When you’ve fully succumbed to the dad mentality, there’s nothing that will get between you and the smell of fresh cut grass.

This Is Couple Goals

This is what happens when you’re inherently a trashy couple that’s very cheap, yet you have to be classy for your wedding.

It feels really weird and uncomfortable. This couple found items like the fondue fountain and bacon wrapped steak a little too high class and wanted to go back to their roots.

Just Living Her Best Life

There are literally two types of people in this world. The first are the ones who see Halloween and dress up parties as their opportunity to wear as little clothing as possible.

The second is the type of person who actually dresses up as things they love like a giant pizza or a fart. A lot of respect goes out to this girl. Coming up, a hilarious picture of a guy who went to some drastic lengths to ensure he could listen to his mixed tape.

Y’all Just Do You And I’m Going To Do Me

This guy is in the danger zone right now. Being surrounded by people who do yoga is very hectic. They’ll get mad at you for eating a piece of meat, nevermind having a drink.

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

This guy is living his best life by ensuring that he’s absolutely hammered at the yoga in the park get together that his girlfriend dragged him to.

There’s Always The Black Sheep Of The Family

There’s always that one family member that just doesn’t fully fit in. It’s the brown-haired kid in the family of blondes.

It’s the one who experimented with gothic music in a family of country music lovers and never fully recovered. It’s that kid that fits their whole body into their pants just for fun.

Go To Any Lengths To Listen To That Mixtape

There’s nothing fun about having to ride public transit all the time. There are too many external factors that can go wrong. From train delays to full buses, and everything in between.

But it’s made a lot more tolerable when you get to listen to your favorite tunes. Coming up, a grandpa is fighting back against grandma’s decision to bring him to a wine and paint night in the funniest way possible.

“Mind Your Own Business”

There comes an age when you just stop caring about what happens around you and just live your life drama free.

Sure, she may have just knocked over a wine rack, but maybe that wine rack shouldn’t have been there in the first place? She’s unphased, and so am I.

You Do What You Have To Do

If your crush isn’t replying to you, sometimes you have to take some drastic measures to ensure that they do.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @nochill
Photo Credit: Instagram / @nochill

There’s nothing like not getting a reply from someone. Your brain literally goes to the most bizarre scenarios about the reasons why. If they haven’t replied in five minutes your mind wanders to them hooking up with your best friend.

Last Wine And Paint Night For Carl

This will be the last time that Grandma Anne brings Grandpa Carl to her monthly wine and paint night.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

He’s making it quite obvious that he’s not having any of this. If you think he’s going to be painting that flower, you’re thoroughly mistaken. Just ahead, a girl who brilliantly snuck in a flask to her prom in a way that will blow your mind.

Work Hard, Snack Harder

Everyone’s life motto should be to work hard and snack harder. If you work out every day, you better also be eating at least two bags of chips every day on the side.

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

I don’t understand why marathon runners don’t bring a beer strapped to their hip instead of water. Water is boring and certainly isn’t a snack. Life’s all about balance.

The One Trip Wonder

This is so relatable. If you live in an apartment building, you understand the struggle of having to take more than one trip up to your room with groceries.

You’ll end up taking 16 bags on one finger just so that you can be a one trip wonder. If it means that by the time that you get to your room you have no circulation left in your hand, so be it.

Someone Marry This Girl

It’s almost impossible to be able to sneak in flasks to prom because every school has tight security now.

You can no longer hide it on your body because they’ll frisk you before you get in, which means that you need a new strategy. This is perfect because it’s so obvious that it isn’t obvious. Coming up, a photoshop fail that will make this kid look even weaker than he already is.

We Need More Michaels

If you can think of a creative pick up line, you’re already stamping yourself a guaranteed date.

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

Pick up lines are a fine line to walk though, so be careful. If you don’t end up executing it well, or it’s just a bad pick up line, it could easily backfire.

Way Tastier And Less Effort

For some reason, girls have this obsession with having a thigh gap. It became a huge fad out of nowhere like the fidget spinners, and no one really knows what it originated from.

Photo Credit: Reddit / zoeydutch
Photo Credit: Reddit / zoeydutch

Let’s start an even better trend — the fry gap. The more fries you can fit in between your thighs, the better. This girl only has one medium fry in her thighs, which leaves a lot of room for improvement.

When You Gotta Flex On ‘Em

If you’re going to post your workouts on social media, you better not be lifting only one plate.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Agent4898
Photo Credit: Reddit / Agent4898

There should be a rule that states the minimum amount of weight you have to bench and squat to be able to post the video to Facebook or Twitter. Coming up, a dog that’s had enough of its owner and is going to order their own food at a Taco Bell.

Girls Will Do Anything For Clear Skin

Girls will literally do anything to their face if they think that it’ll help make their skin more clear.

Photo Credit: Reddit / ZeApollo
Photo Credit: Reddit / ZeApollo

If they saw on an advertisement that said throwing hot lava on your face would get rid of those unwanted pimples, they’d do it without hesitation.

The Face You Make When You Don’t Get Any Fries

Can we just talk about how awesome of a life a bird has? They literally fly around (so cool) looking for people who are about to drop fries on the ground and then swoop in.

Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

Then, they get to fly around again (so cool again) and decide who they want to bombard with their poo.

Yeah, I’ll Have The Regular

Just because it’s a dog, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t crave hard shell beef tacos from Taco Bell like the rest of us.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Quadly
Photo Credit: Reddit / Quadly

This pup probably just had a tiring day at the park and needs a little pick me up to get him through the rest of the night.

Beach Bum

Let’s be honest here, not everyone who goes to the beach is going to have that perfect “beach body.”

Photo Credit: Reddit / PastaManSan
Photo Credit: Reddit / PastaManSan

In fact, most of us look like Buddha on vacation. Most of us look like we’re eating REALLY good all the time. Most of us look like this island.

I’m Now An Athlete

If this is a sport, I’m a professional athlete. There’s nothing I do better than sleep for uncomfortably long periods of time.

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

Give me a couch, blanket, and a pillow, and I’ll put all of these people to shame. I’m already the Michael Jordan of the snooze button.