These Ridiculously Messed Up Food Orders Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

There’s no feeling quite like being hungry, getting to a restaurant, and finally ordering that perfect meal you’ve been craving. But sometimes the order comes out and isn’t what you were expecting. Even though that’s disappointing, it’s usually hilarious to see what comes out of the kitchen. Anyone who’s ever had a food order mixed up will definitely appreciate these LOL-worthy mistakes!

Looks Like A Bouquet Of Pickles


This is such a ridiculous amount of pickles that it looks like someone purposely made a bouquet out of them, like they were flowers or something.

The person who shared this said they just asked for “extra pickles” so we wonder what went so wrong that they ended up with nothing but a handful of pickles. There’s a little bread peeking out on the side but that’s really all we can see other than the pickle party.