When The Power Goes Out, These Hacks Will Keep You Safe

Power outages can be a real headache. Depending on the time of year, having no power in your home could leave you in a house-sized freezer or oven. Worse, if the power stays off late into the night then, you’re left alone in the dark. What do you? Where there’s a problem, there’s almost always a solution. From power crayons to mirrors, to portable chargers, here is everything you need to know to continue functioning without power!

Hide Important Items In An Air Tight Space

fixing a dishwasher
Anya Semenoff/The Denver Post via Getty Images
Anya Semenoff/The Denver Post via Getty Images

This hack is important if you live in an area where the power outage you’re experiencing is caused by a flood. To make sure your most important items stay dry, put them in an airtight space. We recommend the dishwasher.

While that might seem counter-intuitive, your dishwasher is perfectly sealed when closed. And during a power outage, it’s not like you can accidentally turn it on. Just remember to take everything out once the lights come back on!