Put Your Plastic Wrap To Use With These Brilliant Hacks

When’s the last time you thought about plastic wrap? Probably not recently. Plastic wrap can be found in almost every home, although people rarely use it outside of food storage and baking. But there are many other uses for plastic wrap that can save you time and money. From cleaning your stove to warming your home, plastic wrap has numerous uses if you know how to apply it. Learn how to use cling wrap for photography, fruit preservation, and more with these plastic wrap hacks.

Stop Bottle Cap Leaks

Plastic wrap is placed underneath the cap of shower bottles to prevent leaking.
Pinterest/Gayle Halbakken
Pinterest/Gayle Halbakken

In an ideal world, bottle caps would prevent all liquids from seeping out. But shampoos, conditioners, and soaps still find a way to slip through their containers. Prevent sticky hands by screwing the bottle on over plastic wrap.

Before you screw the cap closed, cover the top of the bottle with plastic wrap. The plastic will block any liquid that threatens to sneak around the cap. If you’re traveling, this hack will prevent your bottles from leaking and filling your luggage or bags.