Clever Flour Hacks That Are Worth Trying

Flour is an essential item and will most likely be found in any kitchen. It can be used in countless recipes, but some may not know that it’s a versatile product capable of much more outside the kitchen.

The substance can help clean common household items, be used for arts and crafts, repel bugs, and even make at-home skincare products. If you have any flour around your home, then you may want to try out these brilliant hacks.

The Sneaky Trick For Ripening Avocados

a pile of avocados with one split open in the middle
Jan Sochor/Getty Images
Jan Sochor/Getty Images

Avocados usually have a really short window of when they will stay ripe and it can be difficult to quicken the process. If you have an avocado that’s almost ready to ripen, then adding flour will make it go faster.

First, place the avocados in a paper bag and cover them with flour. Then, place the bag in a room temperature area for around 24 hours. After a day they should be ripe. The flour blocks outside moisture from causing them to turn brown.