Everything You Can Do With Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is most commonly used to get rid of germs and other microorganisms. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hand sanitizer is the best substitute for washing hands, but it needs to have the right amount of chemicals. Hand sanitizer can make it possible for you to avoid getting sick by preventing the spread of germs.

The general public should know that there are actually many uses for hand sanitizer other than keeping things sterile. These are the genius hand sanitizer hacks everyone wished they knew sooner.

You Can Clean Your Screens

someone wiping an iphone with a cleaning cloth
Chesnot/Getty Images
Chesnot/Getty Images

A cell phone is one of the dirtiest objects humans come into contact with every day. According to the Seattle Times, phones are typically covered in 25,127 bacteria per square inch, which is a lot of germs. Luckily, hand sanitizer is one of the best ways to clean them.

Squirting some hand sanitizer on a microfiber cloth and wiping it gently on the screen of a phone, tablet, or computer can instantly destroy almost all the germs that are lurking there. Another bright side is that it will get rid of unwanted fingerprints.