Got Spoiled Milk? Brilliant Hacks To Put Your Sour Milk To Good Use

One of the horrors that can appear in your fridge is a carton of foul-smelling, chunky, sour milk. Though your instinct may be to toss the nasty beverage, there’s plenty of hacks you can implement to avoid wasting. For one, milk developes lactic acid as it spoils, which can be effective at removing stains and limestone. Plus, that foul smell can keep your garden free of rodents while the calcium boosts the soil. From making donuts to creating a facemask, these expired milk hacks are sure to impress.

It Can Smooth And Brighten Your Face

Nataliya Petrova/NurPhoto via Getty Images
Nataliya Petrova/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Particularly due to the smell, pouring sour milk all over your face may seem like a crazy thing to do. Many beauty gurus swear by it, though. The reason why is because of the lactic acid that forms as milk goes bad.

The acid, enzymes, and probiotics all work to smooth, moisturize, and brighten the skin. To give it a try, simply apply the sour milk to your face and let it sit for a few minutes before washing it off.