Lessons And Advice From People Who Dropped Everything To Travel The World

While some people may daydream at their job about walking out in order to pursue a life passion or travel the world, there are those who have actually done it. Whether they switched careers to be able to travel or stopped working completely, they all made extreme life changes to live what they felt was a more fulfilling lifestyle. Find out the advice and stories from people who took this big step and learn the result of their decision.

You Don’t Have To Live In Luxury

While some are more fortunate than others and can afford to fly around the world or live comfortably during their travels, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, you have to make it work with what you have, even if that means living on the edge.

Tessa Ely and Dillon Vought are a great example of this. They spent a year and a half driving from Alaska to Argentina in a 1975 Volkswagen bus that they bought for $500. After planning on doing some extended travel, the couple bought the bus and saved $15,000 for their entire trip. From there, they worked with what they had, living modestly throughout their trip.