Creative Ways To Completely Redecorate Your Home Using Cinder Blocks

Move over shipping pallets– cinder blocks are the new go-to item for DIYers. Think of un-used cinder blocks like LEGO for adults. They can be put together and used in a million different ways as long as you’re creative enough to envision it.

And if you’re not creative enough to think up a cinder block BBQ pit yourself, don’t worry, the internet has done the leg work for you. Check out these genius ways you can use cinder blocks all around your house.

Create Your Own Industrial Bedside Table

cinder block 1

Bedside tables are surprisingly expensive. Even though they’re one of the smallest furniture items in your house, they somehow always end up more expensive than your living room coffee table. Instead of spending the cash on a tiny table, make it yourself with cinder blocks.

For this DIY, all you need are two sturdy blocks for the base. Then, you can use a piece of wood, glass, or another cinder block as the top. The cinder block holes make it perfect to store your phone and books at night.