Redneck Car Hacks So Awful We Can’t Help But Laugh

One thing that’s universal is how expensive it is to fix your vehicle. Whenever that check engine light comes on, your heart skips a beat. Even driving over a little pothole could lead to minor breathing palpitations because there’s a possibility that you might need a new tire. It happens to the best of us, but making sure your car can still hit the road safely is the main priority. Do everyone a favor and take it to the shop or someone who knows what they’re doing. Do not replicate these awful redneck car hacks, no matter how crafty they seem.

We Hope The Batteries Don’t Run Out

Pinterest/donna coburn
Pinterest/donna coburn

If you’ve got somewhere to be when the sun is down but your headlights don’t work, what can you do? Sure, you can order an Uber or a Lyft, but that might be too expensive.

How about grabbing the biggest flashlights you own and tapping them to the hood of your car? There’s no way you’ll get a ticket and you’ll be illuminating the streets better than ever. Someone told that to the owner of this car.