Sizzling BBQ Hacks That Will Make Your Meals The Talk Of The Town

There’s nothing like the smell of barbecue. Even vegetarians can appreciate a grilled veggie patty or kebab. From doubling up on skewers to cleaning the grill with an onion, there are plenty of tricks to make the process easier from start to finish. There are also hacks to enhance the taste of your favorite barbecue items, like topping meat with broth ice cubes or adding leafy herbs to the coals. Read on for grilling tips that will have your neighbors craving a taste.

Use An Onion To Clean The Grill For Safety And Flavor

Grilling Every Season/YouTube
Grilling Every Season/YouTube

Wire brushes are becoming a thing of the past since their bristles can be a safety hazard. To get the job done without the paranoia, try using an onion to clean the grill instead. Simply slice the onion in half and place it facedown on the grill.

Pierce it with a fork or prongs to glide it along the grate. Onions not only have antibacterial properties, but they’re also packed with flavor. Simply toss it into the coals when you’re done to enhance the taste of your meat.