Ways To Spot An American Tourist From A Mile (Or A Kilometer) Away

The United States is a beautiful country with lots to see, but it’s only one tiny piece in the grand scheme of the world. That’s why so many Americans travel elsewhere. They want to experience other cultures, see beautiful old buildings, or just lay on a sunny beach.

Like it or not, American tourists have made a name for themselves around the world and it isn’t always a good thing. Apparently, Americans are notorious for some major fashion faux pas, but they’re also known to be some of the best at tipping. Read on and see how many of these you did on your last summer vacation.

Terribly Tacky T-Shirts

Matt Blyth/Getty Images
Matt Blyth/Getty Images

It’s almost a running joke around the world that Americans are obsessed with buying terrible t-shirts from every tourist place they go. Then, of course, they love wearing that shirt to other tourist traps.

That’s why you’ll see a “Chicago Zoo” or “I Climbed The Eiffel Tower” t-shirt in Japan.