Surprising Shower Curtain Rod Hacks That Will Keep Your Whole House Organized

Anyone who has ever struggled to keep their home organized is always on the lookout for creative ways to win the fight against clutter. Solutions often come in unexpected forms. For instance, have you ever thought to use a shower curtain rod outside of the bathroom? Read on for a ton of unique organizational solutions that these inexpensive gadgets can provide throughout every room of the house. From your closet to the kitchen pantry, give these shower curtain rod hacks a try.

Keep Your Herbs Handy

hanging plants

Do you have a green thumb but no space to plant a garden? Perhaps you enjoy fresh herbs and want them close by while you’re cooking. Those handy-dandy curtain rods can help you become a window gardener!

All you need to do is mount a rod inside a window frame. Choose a window that gets the right amount of sun for what you’re trying to grow. Then, use clips or hooks to hang up some lightweight pots and you’re set. This is particularly convenient for herbs since they need very little space to grow.