Totally Wholesome Ways To Combine April Fools And Easter

The last time Easter and April Fools fell on the same day was in 1956, so needless to say we’ve all had a long time to prepare for the combined holiday. One can only hope that with a holiday like Easter falling on the same day, people may tone down their April Fool’s pranks… but I doubt it.

If you’re one of the lifelong jokesters who cannot let their favorite holiday pass without having some fun, these wholesome ways to incorporate the two holidays will let you keep pranking without any major outrage.

Grapes of Wrath

Unwrap your basic dollar-store chocolate eggs and replace them with grapes. This is one of the easiest and most convincing egg-replacement pranks.

Even though it would be disappointing to unwrap fruit when you’re expecting chocolate, who doesn’t love a juicy grape? Plus, it’s an easy way to sneak fruit into your kids’ lunches.

Brussels Pops, Anyone?

Most people don’t mind grapes, but brussel sprouts disguised as cake pops might not go over as well. They are the perfect size to pass off as a real deal cake pop.

Hide them by decorating the cake pop as an Easter bunny with ears and no one will guess your evil plan. This one might just be too cruel to feed to your kids.

Neverending Egg Hunt

Frustrate your kids by numbering the eggs on your Easter egg hunt. Hide 10 eggs, but label them 1-12 leaving out two of the numbers.

Your kids will be searching all night for the two that are missing while you’re off to the side watching the breakdowns occur!

No Hunt At All

This is the brussels sprout equivalent of an Easter egg hunt. If you tell your kids to go outside for the hunt but have nothing hidden, it’s an ultimate let-down.

Just be sure to have chocolate on hand once they figure out there is nothing to find or you’ll definitely be in trouble. Keep reading to learn a sweet surprise prank for your Easter brunch.

Egg Cracking Catastrophe

While this one might be the most shocking it also will require some supervision. An easy egg prank is to cover an everyday egg with melted chocolate.

Just be sure that no one bites into the chocolate egg. Try adding it to a display or betting someone they can’t crush a “chocolate” egg in their hands.

Hatching Eggs

Have some fun by replacing the inside of a chocolate egg with a Peep and then claiming the egg “hatched.” This is a fun prank for older kids but a mesmerizing one for younger kids.

Hopefully, they don’t take this prank too seriously and end up freaking people out in science class.

Devilish Swap

A lot can be done with deviled eggs. If you’re feeling kind, swapping out regular deviled eggs with chocolate ones is an easy way to surprise the receiver.

If you are feeling a bit more devilish, you can replace the egg yolk with whipped yellow buttercream icing and shock some tastebuds. Click on to play the odds on Easter morning.

Easter Is Cancelled

This one is not for the faint of heart, but it may be the only day you can get away with it. By claiming the Easter bunny isn’t real, you’ll get some shocked faces but a quick “April Fools!” will save you.

It’s the perfect time to test their reaction without having to commit to it.

Mustard Cupcakes

This is the perfect prank for your coworkers who may not know you have a mischievous side. People may have been suspicious if it was just April Fool’s, but Easter is the perfect excuse to bring in baked goods.

Using mustard as the icing will provoke some shocked responses. Add some pastel sprinkles to sell them as Easter-themed.

Russian Roulette, Easter Style

Provided that no other pranks have happened beforehand, no one will be expecting only one egg to be raw out of the entire basket of hard-boiled eggs.

Guessing who will end up with the raw egg makes it not only a fun prank but a game of chance on an unsuspecting crowd. Continue on to find out how to ruin a classic Easter treat for someone.

Glitter Explosion

Only do this prank if you won’t have to be the one to clean it up. Take a plastic egg and fill it with glitter instead of a toy or chocolate.

I’m sure they won’t forget the prank either, as it will likely take a few days to finally get all that glitter off them.

Crazy About Easter

This common prank can easily be adapted for Easter. Instead of crazy gluing a coin to the ground, crazy glue the chocolate eggs to the ground or other surfaces.

This will frustrate your kids and entertain you as they struggle to pick up the eggs. Be sure the eggs have wrappings so they can eventually be eaten!

Sweet Or Salty Peeps

Coating Peeps with salt is an easy way to catch anyone off guard. Biting into a soft, fluffy Peep and expecting a sweet surprise, only to end up with a salty flavor will shock anyone.

Maybe keep an extra package of regular Peeps around so that the timeless Easter snack isn’t completely ruined. Keep reading to transform a lovable kid’s toy into an Easter prank.

Chocolate For Breakfast

I love hard-boiled eggs. I love chocolate eggs. But I’m not quite sure the two would go well together for breakfast.

This one is less of a prank and more of a test of strength for those who are eating them, but you get to watch as they try!

Worst Surprise Inside

This prank can be better if you start it a few days ahead. Start to talk about how amazing the egg hunt will be this year and how the prizes inside are better than ever before.

Kids and adults alike will be excited to search for the eggs and even more disappointed when they open them up to find broccoli or empty candy wrappers inside.

BeanBoozle This Easter

Jellybeans are already a common treat on Easter which gives it extra prank potential. Luckily, BeanBoozled has made it even easier.

Simply swap half the normal jellybeans with BeanBoozled candies. They may be safe but there’s a risk of eating a dirt-flavored one too. Click next to finish off an Easter dinner in a fun way.

Sponge Brownies

This is another baked treat that you can pass off as innocent. Simply cover a regular sponge with chocolate icing and watch people try to bite into it.

Its one of the easiest pranks and because it’s Easter, no one will suspect you of bringing in a delicious baked treat.

Jell-o Eggs

This prank is a wholesome and easy activity to do with the kids. Simply take a plastic egg mold and fill each half with store-bought Jell-O mix and set overnight.

It’s an easy prank for them to do and now you don’t have to make dessert.

Soft-Boiled Prank

This is one of the safer egg pranks you can use for Easter egg-cracking. Rather than slip one uncooked egg into the basket, soft boil some of the eggs instead.

It combines the fun of an unexpected egg splatter when one cracked open, but with a delicious breakfast to eat afterward.

Easter Cake

Some people make a cake for Easter, so why not pair your dinner and dessert? This cake is made with two layers of meatloaf as the “cake” and whipped mashed potatoes on top for “icing.”

Finish off your Easter dinner then bring out this “cake” for some guaranteed shocked faces.