Taming Tupperware: Genius Hacks For Organizing Food Containers

Many people have that one drawer in their kitchen–the messy, overflowing drawer that we dread opening. If this is your tupperware drawer, it’s time to organize. You can’t food prep for the week or save your leftovers if your container tower threatens to collapse.

Luckily, hacks can help you tame your tupperware. Some are simple, such as keeping your containers and lids together. Others, such as repurposing a cereal box, are more creative. Your kitchen will shine, and your stress will decrease after reading these tupperware organization hacks.

Stack Tupperware Like Russian Nesting Dolls

Drawer is filled with stacked, organized tupperware.

Don’t snap the lids on your containers. Take the lids off, and stack your containers inside of each other. They’ll look like Russian nesting dolls, and this way, you’ll save a lot of room. You can use the same technique with your lids.

When you stack your empty containers, you’ll have extra storage space in the top one. You can shove lids inside of your open containers. This technique will also keep similar containers and lids together.