A Tale As Old As Time: Men Suffering While Out Shopping

If you go to the mall or just about any store, chances are you’ll see at least one man staring off into the distance with an expressionless face. This is a man who deeply regrets being where he is and is questioning if he’ll ever make it back home alive. Usually holding their significant other’s shopping bags, they sit or stand in silence pretending like they’re not on the verge of tears. Men suffering while shopping is a tale as old as time and here are some poor fellows who seem to be suffering more than most.

Not Their First Rodeo

It’s clear that these two gentlemen are no stranger to the dangers of going to the mall with their wives. After years of trial and error, it seems that they’ve both learned that their best chance of survival is to find a public couch and nap away their problems.

Hopefully, by the time they wake up, it will be time to go and the whole experience will have been relatively painless. The real question is if either of them is actually alive…who knows how long they’ve been there.