A Tale As Old As Time: Men Suffering While Out Shopping

If you go to the mall or just about any store, chances are you’ll see at least one man staring off into the distance with an expressionless face. This is a man who deeply regrets being where he is and is questioning if he’ll ever make it back home alive. Usually holding their significant other’s shopping bags, they sit or stand in silence pretending like they’re not on the verge of tears. Men suffering while shopping is a tale as old as time and here are some poor fellows who seem to be suffering more than most.

Not Their First Rodeo

It’s clear that these two gentlemen are no stranger to the dangers of going to the mall with their wives. After years of trial and error, it seems that they’ve both learned that their best chance of survival is to find a public couch and nap away their problems.

Hopefully, by the time they wake up, it will be time to go and the whole experience will have been relatively painless. The real question is if either of them is actually alive…who knows how long they’ve been there.

Anger And Dispair

These two men are in the same boat but are giving off two very different expressions. The man on the right has gone from bored to angry, a dangerous mindset to be in while stuck in a store. Whereas the guy on the left looks as though as he’s given up entirely.

The fact that the man on the left had the time to build himself a stack of pillows for comfort is a testament to how long he has probably been there. By the looks of it, the two are both waiting by the dressing room only for their wives to decide they didn’t like anything they tried on.

Making The Best Of The Situation

If you’re at a store and there aren’t any public chairs to sit in, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. There was no way that this gentleman was going to stand for the whole time that he was in Walmart, so he discovered a solution to his problem.

Luckily, since he’s in Walmart, nobody is going to tell him to get down from his little perch. We hope he has multiple magazines up there with him since there’s no telling how much longer he’ll be there.

Reverting Back to Childhood

Boredom can be a funny thing. It can break even the strongest of men, forcing them to get back in touch with their childlike sense of wonder just to preoccupy their mind. It appears that this man has become so desperate that he’s playing at a toddler’s play station just to keep himself busy — a solid strategy.

He’s put aside all of his pride and is now sitting in a child’s chair while fingerpainting, something he probably hasn’t done in decades. Shopping has the ability to do this to a man.

Utter Defeat

This poor soul looks like the typical guy that is waiting on their significant other to just “grab a few things” at the store. We all know how that goes with this usually being the result. He’s even carrying what looks like her purse while he waits for her to wrap things up.

He’s probably daydreaming about getting home, opening a beer, and putting on his favorite television show in an attempt to erase what he experienced at the store from his memory. Hang in there!

On The Verge Of Snapping

This looks like a man that is five minutes or one wrong look away from losing his cool. Sitting on those wooden pallets surely isn’t doing his back any favors but he couldn’t stand for another second.

We pray that whoever took this picture got away unscathed because this guy looks like he is on the verge of having a complete freakout. That’s the look of a combination of desperation and anger. Hopefully this is the last stop so he can go home and take a much-needed nap.

Praying For It To All Be Over

When it gets to the point that you can’t take it anymore, sometimes your best bet is to ask a higher power for the strength to carry on. Between two mannequins in the middle of the mall, this man has resorted to prayer to help him in his time of need.

We hope that his prayers were answered and he was able to leave that mall sooner rather than later. You can really feel his pain in this photo, and it really doesn’t get much more desperate than this.

The Sleeping Dead

Just from this picture, it’s safe to assume that this man is snoring, and loudly. This is good for him because it means that nobody else is going to try and sit near him, potentially waking him from his slumber.

He’s probably been having an incredibly long day, so taking a nap in the mall is as good as it’s going to get. It’s good for his wife too, who knows she can go to any store her heart desire only to find her husband right where she left him.

IKEA Got The Best Of Him

After a long day at IKEA, this man got some lunch at the food court and found a nice couch to take a snooze. We must say, it’s a bold move for him to leave his cup there because if he spills, he might be walking out of IKEA with a newly purchased and stained piece of furniture.

That’s probably the last thing that he needs at the moment after spending hours of his day inside of the labyrinth that is IKEA.

‘Tis The Season

Christmas shopping can be painful for everyone, but this guy looks like he’s having a particularly hard time. Right about now he’s probably wishing that he had listened to his gut and got his Christmas shopping done in the summer like a smart person.

Yet, here he is, sleeping against the fountain at the mall as hundreds of other bad planners wander past him looking for deals. On the brighter side of things, at least he looks ready for the holidays with that festive shirt on.

Won’t Even Step Foot Inside

It looks like this is the established hangout spot for all of the guys that won’t step foot in the store while their wives talk. They’re all looking in different directions, not wanting to make eye contact with the other miserable souls stranded outside.

There must be something particularly terrible about that store that so many men would rather stand out on the street than have to brave the interior. If they were smart they would all just head to the nearest bar together to make the best of their time.

Males Of All Ages Suffer

It’s important to remember that it isn’t only grown men that are victims of waiting in stores. Little boys have it just as bad and on some occasions even worse than adult males. While they would rather be running around outside, they’re stuck inside of a store which might as well be a prison cell to them.

Luckily, cell phones and other technologies have made this torture a little more bearable over the years although leaving is the only true cure. These two look like they were both just grounded for the next year.

This Man Needs A Hug

Just looking at this picture, we wonder how many hours this man has spent sitting in this position throughout his life. You would think that as you age, you’re less likely to find yourself in this situation, but apparently, that’s not always the case.

It looks like you can rest only when you’re dead. It must only get worse as you get older too. You’re body probably aches, you can’t rely on technology like younger generations, and you know there’s a lot more to life than sitting in a department store. Stay strong old timer.

Nobody Is Safe

As it turns out, even being famous doesn’t get you out of waiting for your wife at stores. This is former Ultimate Fighting Champion Conor McGregor in a situation most people wouldn’t expect to see him in.

It looks like he’s waiting outside of the dressing room as his wife comes out to give him a fashion show for every piece of clothing that she tries on. Although he may not be trying to look bored out of his mind, you can only hide it for so long.

Might As Well

This guy figured he might as well get comfortable if he’s going to be on that couch for a considerable amount of time. The funny thing is that nobody is probably going to say anything to him about his shoes because they know exactly what he’s going through.

Just let the man be until it’s time for him to go because chances are, he’s having a rougher day than you. Next time he’s here he just needs to bring a computer with a movie and he’ll be good to go for hours.

Thinking About His Bank Account

It looks like this man just woke up from a nap only to find that the amount of bags next to him has grown exponentially. We’re sure that they were just supposed to run into the mall for one thing and then this happened.

We hope that he has enough money on him because that looks like enough bags to put anyone in a considerable amount of credit card debt. Poor guy just has to sit on the ground as he watches the line of bags grow next to him.

Dead Behind The Eyes

This is the look of a man who gave up hope three stores ago. Now, he’s just staring into the abyss as a defense mechanism so he doesn’t fall into a full-blown freakout. He’s probably thinking about all of the times that he took for granted when he wasn’t stuck in a store.

It’s either that or he’s thinking about how he could burn this store to the ground so he never has to step foot in it again. All we know for sure is that at this moment he’s about as miserable as miserable gets.

Better To Suffer Together Than Alone

If you walk into any Victoria’s Secret, it’s almost guaranteed that there will be an area like this where all the men are hiding out. Nobody wants to be that guy walking around a women’s underwear store acting like they aren’t looking at the supermodels in lingerie everywhere you turn.

A man’s best bet is to just play it safely outside of the store until the girl you’re with is ready to go. It’s a dangerous game in there, so just avoid the situation entirely and suffer with the rest of the guys on the outskirts.

How Did I End Up Here Again?

This older gentleman could be covering his face for a number of reasons. He could be hiding his tears, sleeping, or trying to avoid seeing anyone he knows. No matter what the reason is, we’re sure that he wouldn’t be doing this if he wasn’t bored out of his mind at some store.

Although we feel for this man, he should at least be thankful that there was a couch available for him to sit on. Nothing is worse than being forced to stand in these kinds of situations.

Now We’re Talking

Just about every mall and department store need one of these for the men that find themselves in a less-than-desirable situation. This shows that the store doesn’t just care about its female customers, but the men as well.

Now, at least they have a little sanctuary where they can sit and relax. Although it may help, it doesn’t make the prospect of waiting around in a store any more appealing. Surely, these men would still rather be anywhere else than here.